Intro to Dance, Dance Level 1 and Ballet/Tap Level 2a

Required: Pink Short Sleeve Cotton Leotard and Pink Footed Tights

Ballet Levels 2b-5

Required: Lavender Camisole or short sleeve Leotard, Pink Convertible Tights

Ballet Levels 5-7

Required: Navy Short Sleeve Leotard, Mulberry Camisole and TBD

Ballet Levels 4-7 White Camisole

Jazz/Tap Levels 2b-Jazz/Tap Level 4

Required: Short Sleeve Cotton in Black and Black Convertible Tights


Ballet: Pink Split-Sole Ballet Shoes

(Canvas is acceptable for class work, leather is required for performance)

Jazz: All levels - Black Jazz Shoes (Tie Oxford with neoprene arch by SoDanca or Bloch)


Fundamental & Level 1 - Tap shoes available to rent at the studio

Levels 2 - Junior Jazz/Tap Oxford by Bloch

Senior Workshop - Black Oxford by Bloch or Capezio Professional Shoe

Tap Shoe Rental

Students have the opportunity to rent tap shoes by semester. This program is for current students only. Fitting Dates are scheduled prior to the semester

Cost: $20 per student per year

Shoes are due back on the final day of class or show. Students can swap out sizes as needed within the semester without additional cost.

Hair must be secured appropriately in all classes. Ballet:  Bun required - See helpful instructions below. Jazz/Tap/Contemporary: ponytails acceptable.